Friday, February 1, 2013

after the watts riots 1967

I  was 4 a kindergardner :  mostly blacks and negro women who had to work and feed there families 

at home a home in the watts area became ghetto's
the stench of trash  ,  alley way full of riot  burned objects , it rain it seem like every day
 the rain put out a lot of fires, store remained closed, due to broken windows , broken locks and very un-safe store mostly teens , would dig for many things that was trashed and damage,  shoes , jeans, open hair parlors,

for sales and had taken dress racks to the streets to sale , buy this dress today for $2.00, my mom said those where the good day's  we would go shopping in parking lots in black area, early on saturday mornings sometimes i would see so much stuff it was everywhere, may i stay in the car , she said you will miss all this good stuff,

while every store in watts went out of business
most black family would sell the merchandise
themselves at home , on sidewalks, inside of there

homes bedrooms full of clothes, the porch had clothes on hangers, damage and still with tags,
burned, how do you get smoke out of clothes...

Illustration and creation by ms. Lisa C. Jackson

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